Black Sabbath

It was the most deadly combination of all time.

The gloomy English weather of Birmingham. A release on Friday the 13th, the drummer’s fascination with the devil, horror inspired lyrics and cover, the voice of  Ozzy Osborne and a guitarist with chopped finger tips.


black 1

Hailed as the first Heavy metal classic, this album was released on Friday the 13th, February 1970. This was the birth of a Genre called Heavy Metal. Soon to become a religion of is own. If heavy metal has a birth day then its celebrated on 13 feb 1970.

Cream, Blue cheer, Vanilla fudge, Jimi Hendrix all were around…but lets not confuse hard rock and heavy blues with Heavy Metal. Everyone else were on the edge, but Sabbath just went over the cliff. What Black Sabbath played was Heavy fukkin Metal. Period.




Initially named “Polka Tulk” then “Earth”, all four agreed on the name Black Sabbath after drawing inspiration from the following.

1. A 1963 Boris Karloff horror flick with the same name.

2. Writings of Dennis Wheatly, who was considered a master of supernatural, Satanism, Exorcism and Black Magic.


But the actual inspiration was Geezer Butler waking up from a dream to find a “figure in black” standing next to his bed. Ozzy and Geezer wrote the song based on the experience, thus the magical mesmerizing lines of the song BLACK SABBATH were born.

The distant sound of church bells, the devil’s note coming thru the guitar combined with the voice of the devil himself (Ozzy Osbourne) pushes you into the darkest opus ever written.

Most fascinating thing about this album was that it was recorded in just two days. Like they say, “when you’re in the mood, you’re in the mood”


Artist : Black Sabbath

Album : Black Sabbath

Release : 13 Feb 1970

Songlist :

1. Black Sabbath

2. The Wizard

3. Behind the wall of sleep

4. N.I.B (Nativity in Black)

5. Evil Woman

6. Sleeping Village

7. Warning


“ Big black shape with eyes of fire

Telling people their desire

Satan’s sitting there, he’s smiling

Watches those flames get higher and higher”

                                                           – Black Sabbath