Ozzy praying! – God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

Yeah, the title is as scary as what I saw.

I was watching the documentary about Ozzy Osbourne – “God Bless Ozzy Osbourne”. It was one of the ‘raw’ documentaries i’ve ever seen. No edits, no blurring of images when the hero appears ‘really’ drunk or in the nirvana of cocaine. And no cuts when he appears naked. Its one of those ‘as it is’ documentaries and yes I admit, they’ve done an excellent job in capturing the prince of darkness as a person.

It was not about his career, rock star image or about his ups and downs. It was about him, a person.

A very good documentary. Strictly do not watch this with kids, girl friends, family etc. They wont understand heavy metal. Even if they do, they wont be able to accept the madness behind it.

Capturing Ozzy’s eventful life in an hour is something next to impossible. Yet they have done it.

The crew traveled and toured with him for almost 2 years and went through thousands of hours of footage to put this masterpiece together.

His alcoholism, drug abuse, the madness all captured well and was woven together to perfection. (Including his liking to run around naked with his ‘i dont giv a fuck’ attitude)

Perhaps the second best thing in the documentary was capturing him when he visits his childhood home for the first time in decades.

But the craziest moment in the entire documentary was in its end. Ozzy preparing himself for a show. Does his workout, practices his voice and then locks the door and get down his knees and prays for a min.

Can u imagine that? A god praying!!!

For those who follow ozzy osbourne, black sabbath or anything else that is heavy metal, this will come as a shocker. I just went back and watched that scene again. Ozzy Osbourne praying! Now that, to me, is a really disturbing scene.


4 thoughts on “Ozzy praying! – God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

  1. Neal Morse, Lou Gramm, Alice Cooper, Blackie Lawless, Mark Farner, Brian Head Welch, Dan Spitz, Dave Mustaine,……These guys have seen it all and done it all, but were still not content. I think this is an enormous statement on how God can change lives.

  2. That was the best scene for me. I was filled with joy at the sight of Ozzy Osbourne praying to find strength before a concert. GOD bless Ozzy Osbourne with all his heart…

  3. I just watched that programme over the weekend. I love Ozzy and heavy metal (and I am female). The reason Ozzy is praying is because he has obviously been in a 12-step programme for his alcoholism. Part of the recovery is to pray to a god of your understanding. I found this particular scene completely endearing seeing as I am in a 12-step programme myself. So you should not be distrubed by what you saw. If he had not prayed he would not be alive today.

    1. hi mousecatcher, u’re right. cant afford to loose an icon like him. i was happy with ‘scream’ he has not lost his touch. let him pray. well “GOD BLESS OZZY”. Thanks for the comment.

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